Midwest Comp

This was my very first competion. Our robot has succesfully climbed,autonomous works and shot power cells. I am our teams safety captain. I went to meetings and I got to meet other teams safety captains and got to know their teams. We also saw one of are former members who moved and is now in titan robotics. We also recieved the judges award. We were so happy when we recieved it because we hadn't expected it. We are going for the imagery award, but we recieved a nice surprise. And we are still working towards the imagery in Peoria. Here are some qoutes from are students.

"I was human player, I got to help load balls. Saturday, because we fixed are battrey problem." A second year student.

    "I worked in the pit and watched the teams compete. Getting to eat out after and spend time with the team" A first year student.

What did you do at competion?

What was your favorite part of competion?

Well wish us luck in Peoria.

Posted on Mar 10, 2020