Chairman's Cheers

This is the middle of week four of the 2020 build season.

Chairman's is all about showing how our team has impacted the people around us. As a team, the Flaming Monkey's write an essay, make a video, answer questions, and brainstorm everything we have done thoughout the year. Also, the impact we have made in our community and in the world is an important part.

We asked some rookies and some long time members of the team, what do you think Chairmans is all about?

"I think it is a good thing to do because you can get our name out there and show off our team. I think it is most important to explain what the team is all about because if we didn't, nobody would know about us and our impact."

"I think Chairmans is good to prove that our team can help the community. I think learning social skills and how to communicate well throughout the process is very important too."

"Chairmans helps show the connection between teams and their community. I think community service is the most important thing to talk about because you are helping the people around you. For example, I helped feed the hungry in our community over a summer while doing STEM projects with them. That was a good experience for me and to talk about because it helped show me what community service can do, and it makes me want to help more."

As you can see, Chairmans involves a lot. We would love to hear what you think Chairmans is about, and what the broader impact of it is.

Posted on Feb 14, 2020