Covid Restrictions and Team Meetings

Hello all, it has been a while since the last post so here is an update on our team.

This year has been pretty rough for everyone and has definetly impacted our team. Instead of competing in an in-person competition and building a robot, we are participating in a game design challenge. This included creating a game that could be used in future FRC competitions, and presenting this to a team of judges.
This year the Flaming Monkeys came up with the game, "Chemical Catastrophe," and involved a mad scientist, real life element reactions, and safety. Last week our team presented the game we had been working on, but we had some troubles. Because the virus did not allow us to present to judges in-person, we had connection issues during our presentation and got cut off. This was unexpeted for our team, but not something that stopped us from staying positive. We were so graciously given a second chance to present, so we problem solved and fixed our connection issues. Even though we had some troubles we found a solution of splitting up our devices and presenting from our homes, which allowed for a much smoother presentaion. Although we had some troubles, giving up is not for the Flaming Monkeys, and our team presented very well, and with no issues. Now, lets hear from some team members about our presentation...

"I would say the presentaton went well and we did a very good job demonstrating how our game was unique and had new aspects compared to other teams."- Jake

"While I don't know if this year was as fun as it could have been if it were in person, I learned a lot that I would not have if the pandemic had not started. I learned how to use Microsoft teams for presenting, and I also learned how to better communicate with my team, especially virtually."- Andy

Also, big thanks to our continued sponsor, Women of Today's Manufacturing!!! Their generous donation will be put to good use on our 3D printing equipment.

Please comment down below what you would like to hear us talk about next. Our build season is over and we are always looking for new ideas!

Respectfully Submitted,


Vice President and Secretary

Posted on Jan 21, 2022